Weekend pleasures....

A relaxing weekend.

I finished knitting a scarf, started making some clothes for

"Little Panama."

We went to a wine tasting at our club as well as a

picnic and hike.

Had a FaceTime call with Claire...some new photos and caught

up with friends and family.

It was all good.





Log Cabin Studio said...

Love the photos Dagmar,Claire is growing up way to fast.She is so cute!!!

Christa said...

Oh what an adorable picture of Claire … it is so nice when you can capture photos of them … So happy to see that you managed to get your scarf finished … now you can find something new to create. !!!
Oh and I meant to mention on the last post that I love your new header … xoxo

Maureen said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend alright! Cute photo of Claire!