Some new pyrex to love...

On the way to pick up Cindy,

I found some new thrifting stores.

Cindy and I also found some together.

Some of the best finds were lids, I find bowls and casseroles without lids.

Finding lids is a good thing.

Thrifting was made sweeter by being able to

thrift with my Cindy!

Added to my animal collection is a deer and kitten!







Log Cabin Studio said...

Good to hear you are finding some great treasures.Have fun!!!!

Christa said...

You are getting quite the collection ... have checked out a few thrift shops up here in the North ... no Pyrex to be found ... even had Mike searching ... tee hee ...!!! xoxo

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Fun times! Lovely photos! Always nice to stop by for a visit. Best wishes, Tammy

Maureen said...

Beautiful finds Dagmar! Love the little deer and kitten.

Bluefinch said...

How do I get an invite to hang out with y'all? Thrift shopping AND Chihuly-does life get any better?!