For the love of Pyrex..

Cindy and I both collect Pyrex,

thru good fortune and good luck, we don't collect the same


We are always keeping out an eagle eye to add to our own patterns

as well for each other.

I have recently added Opal White to my collection as it goes so beautifully

with the tourquoise and pink I collect here for our home

in BC.

Warmer colors such as the butterfly gold and orange are for our

AZ. home..

Cindy has gifted me many new pieces which I adore!

Thank you my sweet pyrex collecting


Cindy included another
Amish Butterprint refrigeration dish!
A little bird, a pink plate and matching bowl as well as two beautiful
Opal white bowls.
They go so well with everything!
Cindy also gifted me these resturant ware plates,
Opal white drink glasses
as well as the pink resturant ware bowl..
Does it get better than this.
I think not!
Love these paint by numbers and these beautiful
Butterfly Gold Pyrex.


1 comment:

Christa said...

Beautiful display of your Pyrex ... it is great that the two of you a true collectors of this dishes ... They seem to bring you so much joy ... xoxo