A replacement Canon Elph.....

Over the last few months I have noticed

several foggy spots on my photos.

There seemed to be a problem with a smudge, scratch or

fog on the lens.

Cleaning didn't help, so Jim called the

Canon help line to see if we could get it repaired.

They replaced my Canon PowerShot Elph 100HS

with this new PowerShot Elph 320HS.

It cost us $71.00 which included free shipping and

a free return label to sendback my old Elph.

Now that is service.

Here are a few photos I took this morning.






Winifred said...

Those photos are brilliant! As you say it certainly was good service.

Last summer I noticed a few of my photos have a small "foggy" area & I wondered whether it was water or condensation on the lens. However it seems to have disappeared now hopefully for good!

If I do need a replacement I'll certainly try to get one like yours!

Christa said...

What a difference in the quality of your pictures ... so happy you were able to get a new one ... good for you ... !!! Happy snapping ... !!! xoxo