Claire and Alexander...

Claire loves getting mail.

I send her stickers, pretty papers,

little things that make her know I am thinking about

her while we are away.

Jeremy is great about taking photos and send them on

to us.

Later in the day we got to speak to Alexander.

He had a busy afternoon helping

decorate their home in Australia for


We love these photos that Shane sent.

Even a few minutes on Skype keeps us

to keep in touch.

Happy birthday to my brother Harry.

He is celebrating his 60th

birthday today!



Winifred said...

Crumbs she's pretty enough to be the angel on top of the tree!

Amazing that Skype can keep people on the other side of the world in touch.

Happy birthday young Harry!

Log Cabin Studio said...

Love the photos of the grandkids!
I will give Harry a big hug from you when we go up to his 60th party.

Christa said...

How sweet they both are ... great pictures of them ... hope they get to meet one day.

Hoping had a great birthday too ... !!!