Hiking in the San Tan Mountains..

The sun casts a long shadow in the

early morning desert


Gradually building up to longer hikes, with a

backpack, snack and lots of water.

This week the tempeture is moderate,

73-75 F.

Perfect for our hikes.



Christa said...

Love the shot of the shadow ... !!! Quite a difference in temperature from you place to mine ... sitting here with a temperatures of -9 to -20C outside. The fires burning to keeping me warm. xoxo

Privet and Holly said...

What lovely desert
images, Dagmar! We
received our first snow
this week (it's not melting)
so these pictures look
SO inviting!

xo Suzanne

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wonderful! I haven't been walking as much lately. My husband has a bad knee at the moment so he won't go. And then I get lazy and find that home sweet home is the place I want to be. This is definitely a pajama weekend here. :) Best wishes, Tammy