Beach Clean Up....

Everyday when we walk the beach in the mornings,

we take along a garbage bag to pick up the litter left behind by the weekend crowd.

The litter problem has been getting better each year we come back.

You now can recycle and get a refund and that has made a difference.

We always give the beer cans to one of the local Panamanian guys that collects small step at a time.

This young boy even picked up after his little Beagle, "Juicy"




Christa said...

How wonderful that you are trying to keep the beach clean ... like you mentioned "One step at a time" !! Taking pride in your surroundings will spill over to others. Good job ... !!! xoxo

Log Cabin Studio said...

That reminds me of Dad and Mom in Mexico.
Good to see you guys carrying on the tradition! We can all make a difference.