In Panama City..

Adriana and Pieter invited us to drive

with them to Panama City and show us a few of their favourite places

to shop, stay and eat.

We are staying at the Toscana Inn, right in the middle of downtown in a very quaint neighbourhood.

Here are a few photos I took.

Love this twisted/corkscrew tower..

Amazing and vibrant city.








Sam I Am...... said...

Great pictures. I think it is so nice that those of you who travel share your experiences with those of us who don't or can't. I got tired of travel videos as they are rather staid and go to all the "tourist traps" but bloggers, like you show us really interesting and unique sights that a travel show or video would most times overlook.
I loved that building! I've never seen anything like it and that vase...what were those little circles all over it? It looked like milefiori(sp?)...anyway....lovely pictures and you all look so happy and healthy! Enjoy!

Christa said...

Looks like you had a lovely time ... Great pictures ... I really like the twisted building ... very interesting. xoxo