Very low tide...

I had a chance this weekend at low tide to walk around

the rocky point to the fish market.

It's hard to believe that the tide

has such a huge variance.

17.4 feet at hight tide and -2.9 feet at low tide.

The local Panamians were out in large

family groups collecting oysters

from the rocks and swimming in the ocean.










Christa said...

Wow ... that is quite a difference in the tide. Hit is nice to see the people out gathering fresh oysters and I am sure there was lots of sea glass brought in as well for you to collect. Have a great day... !!! xoxo

Winifred said...

We can get big tidal variations in the UK. On the west coast & near Wales they can vary up to 15 metres (49 Ft) We live on the east coast where it isn't as high as that but still It can be very dangerous too. My Mam always told us not to swim when the tide was turning or going out or we'd be swept away!
Those photos are lovely. I always enjoy looking at ocean pictures.