Claire's visit to the Dentist..

This was Claire's 3rd visit to her dentist.

No cavities for this young girl.

Jeremy and Julie know how important oral health is.

They make sure that Claire is diligent about brushing her teeth each night!



Joanna said...

She looks like a professional sitting there. I remember my first few times to the dentist very vividly for some reason. I cried the whole time and the dentist was really not very impressed. I do remember the hygienist being very sweet and trying to calm me down and that helped a little. Now I have found a great dentist.

Joanna @ Westheimer Dentist

Quinn Kimbrough said...
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Quinn Kimbrough said...

Its nice to hear that Claire enjoyed her trip to the dentist. Its also good to see that no cavities were found. For me, its amazing to see the soft-side of the dentists. I remember my first visit when I had to remove a tooth. Seeing the blog reminds me - and it should also keep reminding Claire - on how important it is to brush my teeth.

Quinn Kimbrough @ Top Temecula Dentist