Off for a "Claire" weekend...

Needless to say to day can not start early enough

for me.

We are excited to take Claire to her

"Kindergarten Orientation"


She will be able to walk to school with her mom,

Julie, who teaches a split 1/2.

Claire will not have Julie as her teacher,

as there are 2 other

grade 1/2 teachers.

She has a very short walk from her house to school

It will take her about 8 minutes!,

Looking at this photo, it is hard to

believe she is just 4 years and 5 months old.

She was a bit under the weather last week,

but back to her sweet normal

self this week.






Una said...

She definitely looks ready for school.

Log Cabin Studio said...

Enjoy your visit with Claire.

Christa said...

How happy you must be to be with Claire ... !!! Amazing how fast they grow up. Enjoy every moment you can. I love the watercolour pic of Claire ... !! xoxo

Winifred said...

She is a little beauty. You just can't spend enough time with them & they grow so fast so you have to make the most of it.