Remembering Marlene...

It was a sad phone call early this morning from my brother Heinz.

His wife, our sister-in-law,


passed away last night.

She was a well loved nurse in Williams Lake.

She had only been retired 5 years before

cancer stole her life away.

We were childhood friends, then she married Heinz and they lived

away in Williams Lake most of their lives.

She will be truly missed by Heinz, her boys, their partners,

her Mom, her many friends, as well as by our family.


Visiting us at our home in AZ. She loved this photo.

Here we are in the front row, 1957, when we were only 7.

Marlene is wearing the dress, I am next to her,we are holding hands.

Heinz is standing next to her.

They were married June 20, 1970.

Her Dad Warren was our bus driver.

Dec. 27, 1949 - May 16, 2015









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