Enjoying the beach..

Having so many public beaches to choose from is such a gift.

Everyone has equal access to the beach.

Having a picnic, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, boating,

just readng and relaxing, the day seems endless.

Unless of course, 45 teenagers from a church bible school unload

right in front of you ad take all of your personal space.

The volume was immediately cranked up.

Time to pack up and picnic another day.

Here are some quiet moments before the

teenage invasion happened.



1 comment:

Winifred said...

Know what you mean. Took my three granddaughters to the beach last week & it was virtually deserted but after a couple of hours we seemed to be surrounded. A bit of an exaggeration really as it's a huge beach & to be honest it was just small groups, families & oldies like me with grandchildren. Not exactly noisy teenyboppers!

I can't stand crowded beaches. Could never sit cheek by jowl with people on them or by swimming pools. I like my personal space & peace & quiet.