Forest Fire...North Shore, Nelson

This active fire was right behind Cindy and Tim's house.

We watched it for a long time, first as smoke, then as it grew in size fanned by high winds.

At 1:30 am, on Saturday night,

we decided to head into town and try and find a hotel room.

We found the last one.

As of this morning, this is still an active interface fire and more than

300 homes are still on evacuation alert.

Cindy and Tim's homes are safe at this time.

We could feel the heat of this fire that was less than a mile away.

The most amazing thing was the roaring sound the fire

made as it devoured the trees in its path.

It is over 300 hectares in size, being fought with firefighters,

air tankers, helicopters, heavy equipment

as well as 4 small water bombers.

The main thing is that no homes have been lost.

This was our view from the beach just before we went into town.

When we drove back to West Kelowna on Sunday night,

our valley was filling with smoke from some of the 840

fires burning in BC at this time.

This morning, you can not see across the lake,

It looks like a fog bank has rolled in.

They are forecasting another really hot week ahead.





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Winifred said...

Good grief! That's so frightening. Makes me grateful for our not so hot weather, I should stop complaining!

Glad everyone & their homes are safe.