The fun of planning a trip....

Planning a trip 4-5 months in advance is the fun part.

Finding airline flights, hotels, condos, train schedules,

getting proper documents, like visas, vaccinations,

now that takes some time.

Planning what to pack for 3 months adds another dimension, especially if you plan on

travelling thru out the country.

A few things we already have from our other trips.

Backpacks, good suitcases, light travel gear.

We made some good investments in footwear..

Keen sandals, a new pair for each of us.

We are breaking them in by walking and making sure they are comfortable.

Packing for 3 weeks, staying 3 months.

2 small day packs, 1 carry one and 1 checked suitcase.

(Maybe that checked suitcase can become another carry on.)

Making sure we show our colours.



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