Early mornings....

The sunrise seems much later.

The sky is clear once again.

The highways have reopened.

The fires continue to burn but they are getting

some of them under control.

We have watering restrictions in place.

The gardens have bloomed out early.

The winds have blown tumbleweeds all thru the


Perhaps our fall will bring some much needed rain.

It has been a very hot, dry and smokey summer in the

Okanagan as well as most of BC.

Thankfully we have the lake to cool off in.



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Winifred said...

The photos are lovely. Doesn't look too dry as there is still a lot of green there. We've had a nice day of rain so things are still very green too. It's been a bit cooler & wetter this summer. Hope it continues & we get an Indian summer or it will be a long winter.