It's a sunny day...

On my work table,
things found on our walks,the beach, or from our garden.
It's a collection
of colourful and pretty
objects that make me happy.




Rochelle Fox said...

Those are pretty nice. :)
Good vibes Fox

June said...

Beautiful-Beautiful! Such color-rich textures, and I can see why they make you happy Dagmar.
Thank you so much for coming by and leaving your lovely comment so we could meet.

Christa said...

So lovely ... amazed at how you put them all together to make it picture perfect. Brings a smile to my face. xoxo

sage and spirit said...

Such a beautiful collection of photographs and treasures! I love the beach glass. Like you, I am a collector of things I find on walks and hikes, be it feathers and rocks or photographs I take. x