A new app...

I have been reading about this

amazing app called


I watched a video to see what it does and I was impressed.

The first pumpkin photo is the one I took with my IPhone,

it is untouched.

The following photos all were changed within the app.

It was fun and has a lot of different

applications within each of the

tools and filters.




Country Gal said...

Nice ! Our smart phones have the adjustments built into the gallery for photos and video !It is amazing what all these phones do now a days ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day . Be safe in the rain storms with high winds that are to hit tomorrow !

Pamela Gordon said...

I've heard of Snapseed. Is it an iPhone app? I like the squash edits.

Christa said...

Awesome ... thank you for sharing this app with me ... I will be checking it out and creating soon ... !!! xoxo