An inspired day....

Planning on some new crafts to make.

There is nothing better than following

Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and crafty blogs

to be inspired.

Here are a few colors, crafts, as well as things

to make from the above feeds.

It was a pleasant break from

laundry, cleaning, gardening

and cooking.



Lorrie said...

Very fun ideas. I like the snow globes with the old cars (or models of old cars). Pinterest is a wonderful place for me to get too many ideas! But it's so much fun to look and dream.

Pamela Gordon said...

Oh I love some of these ideas for Christmas!! They are so cute and creative. I must have a look at Pinterest. Have a great day!

Christa said...

So much to look at. I love the glass jars with the old cars in them. Looks pretty easy to create. Have fun sweetie ... !!! xoxo