Going for a hike...

Adding a bit more of a challenge on our walks

by going on a lovely hike.

Makes you feel so good when you get back to your SUV

in better shape then you thought

you were.

Love having my Fitbit on all day long.

10,000 steps are my daily goal.

Sometimes I fall short, but most days I am pretty good.

It was just so beautiful here yesterday.

A perfect way to spend an

hour or so in

Kalamoir Park.




Pamela Gordon said...

It does feel wonderful to get out walking or hiking. Beautiful views make it enjoyable too!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh so beautiful - I agree - perfect day for a hike. This time of the year has been so wonderful.

Christa said...

Beautiful pictures of your hike ... definitely an awesome day. A great way to stay fit. xoxo

Blogger said...
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