Improving the golf course....

This year they closed the front nine on our golf course

a couple weeks earlier to re-countour,

re-slope and make play faster.

As well, they want to make

sure the golf balls stay away from the homes that

border this course.

In the meantime, some trees had to be cut down.

Some had pine bettle kill and some were in the way

of the new plan.

The benefit to us was that it really improved our lake view.

It will be several weeks of having this

large equipment outside

our home,

moving huge piles of dirt and creating dust.

In the end, the finished course will make it better for all,

golfers and home owners.


1 comment:

Christa said...

It's exciting watching the big machinery change the landscape ... a sight you can view right from your window. Sure is nice to see the lake now that the trees are gone. Great pictures Dagmar ... can't wait to see what they are going to create in front of your place. Enjoy the show ... !!! xoxo