Definatley Lost..

I saw these two white streaks running by on the

Golf Course.

It seemed strange to see two dogs running past our house

I went out to the deck and I whistled for them.

Surprisingly, they turned around and came back,

hopped through the fence and came to the back door on the lower level.

The female Great Pyreness dog was dragging a huge thick chain.

Both of the dogs didn't have any identification tags.

Her brother must of slipped out of his collar.

They were both thirsty and very hungry.

I got them water and went over to our neighbours to borrow some dog food.

They were quite comfortable in the house.

Resting on the rug or trying to sit with me in my chair.

We called the SPCA and they told us to take the dogs to the

Regional District Animal Control Office.

On the drive to downtown Kelowna,

they were beat and slept in the back of our SUV.

When we got there, they had quite a few dogs that had been

terrified from the fireworks on Halloween night.

We left the two dogs there and hoping that they will be

returned to their human parents as soon as possible.

I will call them tomorrow to see how the dogs made out.



Christa said...

Thank goodness you were around to capture these two beautiful dogs. Hope that their owners will be found. The world needs more people like you and Jim ... two loving and caring souls for all species ... !!! Have a great day. xoxo

Pamela Gordon said...

Aw, they are beautiful dogs and I sure hope they get back to their owners, who are probably frantic about their whereabouts. You did a very kind thing for them!

Log Cabin Studio said...

I hope they get back to their owners. Good thing you got them off the street.

Una said...

That was a lovely thing to do. Those dogs were very lucky to find you.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello dear Dagmar
I'm sure those gorgeous dogs could have happily stayed with you and John!
I'm praying that their owners can be found and if so, they will protect them by keeping them in the house with them on cracker night.
We have fire works here on the 5th November - Guy Fawkes night - it's an English tradition brought here by the original settlers.
I always worry about the animals who must be scared out of their wits.
I've had a break from blogging and I'm trying to catch up on your posts.
I see you're off to Thailand - you will love it and the gentle Thai people.
Love the idea of your letters to Claire - what a thoughtful Gran you are! By the way, what's a "tonier"?