Getting packed....

We will be traveling to Thailand for 3 months, leaving in 3 weeks.

I only wanted to take carry on luggage

and surprisingly I have convinced Jim on the idea

as well.

It has really made me realize how much you can fit in a bag and how much you really don't need to take along.

We did talk to quite a few of our traveling friends who do it the same way.

There are wonderful travel blogs as to what really works out there for the long haul.

They have been a valuable reference source.

Here are a few of the things we will use, as well as some of these sights we will want to see.

Photo's by Jeremy Foster "Travelfreak blog"
(More on his blog later)

Photos from Pinterest

Cabin Max carry on wheeled backpack,

Eagle Creek packing cubes,


Both Jim and I will also have a small backpack we have

used for years hiking.

I will carry my Travelon travel purse/bag in my backpack

and take it for day use. It has many anti theft features

which will keep our credit cards and passport safe.

It was a birthday gift from Jim.



Country Gal said...

Bet your excited . Lovely pics . Hope you have a great and safe trip .

Log Cabin Studio said...

You must be getting very excited. the count down has begun.

Lorrie said...

You're off on an adventure! What fun! The photos of Thailand look amazing!

Pamela Gordon said...

Wow. I've missed a couple of posts and just found this one about your upcoming trip. That sounds amazing! And also amazing to pack 3 months worth of things into such a small bag!! I don't know if I could do that. I know I can't even to go to Alberta to visit. lol