Just Charming...

Snow Cottage Carvings.

I have 11 of these amazing carving made by

Dave Francis from Castlegsr, BC.

Cindy and I started to collect them years ago.

I know how glad we both are to have these charming treasures.

Dave carved this one especially

for me, I must admit it is my favourite.

You can see and buy his carvings

here & here

but plan to put your order in early.

I keep these carvings out all year long.




Log Cabin Studio said...

What a great artist...beautiful treasures.

Winifred said...

I really like them. Like you I keep some Christmas stuff out all year. I have a skinny tree with some little pendants & a stained glass angel. Can't bear to put them away.

Christa said...

Love your collections ... I know how much you treasure them. xoxo

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful! What a talent your husband has. Just lovely!