Paint by number love...

I have quite a few paint by number pictures. I find them so charming.
At one time I must of had 20 or so,
I made frames for them out of twigs and gave them all away.
Frosso gifted me the lovely one below of the dogs.
It is very special to me.

This paint by number available




Pamela Gordon said...

I remember spending many hours as a child doing paint by numbers and don't have one of them now. My brother, sister and I would sit at the kitchen table on a rainy day and paint with water colours or draw freehand in our 'scrap' books. Pleasant memories. :) You have a nice collection. I hope you aren't affected by the terrible wind and rain storm of yesterday. Take care.

Country Gal said...

I used to do paint by numbers to many years ago . At one point I couldn't find them any where not even at Michaels craft store so I gave it up . I like the Chickadees in your header . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

Christa said...

Those are lovely ... In my younger years, our family would work on paint by numbers every weekend. We all had our favourites. I wish I would have kept a few of them. Not sure where they ended up. xoxo

sage and spirit said...

I loved paint by numbers when I was a kid! You've inspired me to give it another try!