Claire's Christmas..

Claire spent this Christmas in Victoria with Julie's family.

Together with Julie's parents, her brother and his wife,

they had a very special guest, Julie's Nana who is 102.

I am so glad Claire has this as her heritage and family tradition.

Jeremy and Julie included us by streaming videos so we could see

Claire open her gifts live.

What a happy occasion this was for the whole family.



Log Cabin Studio said...

That must have been special for you to watch Claire open her gifts.
I love the photo of her by the tree...adorable

Winifred said...

Claire must have been very nice this year Santa Claus was really good to her. Hoe lovely to watch her opening her presents. Glad you have had such a lovely Christmas.

Christa said...

So happy you were able to watch Claire open her gifts. I think it was so special for her to spend it with her great-grandmother as well ... not too many children get that opportunity. Something she will remember and cherish. xoxo