Making a few more bracelets...

Our Aussie friends had to go home early

because their 8 year old son Bailey

got stung badly by a jelly fish.

I won't post the photos of his wounds, but just to tell you he

had multiple visits to the hospital and a 4 hour surgery to stitch up

some of the wounds.

They had to fly back today to continue his treatment and more surgery.

He loved my friendship bracelets, they had to cut them all off his wrist

when he was in the hospital.

We visited him in the hospital and I made several more for his ankles.

This morning I made some more for him and his brother Cooper to wear.

They were a wonderful family and we will miss them.





Winifred said...

Just been catching up on Blogger & looking at your gorgeous photos.
What a shame those stings must have been terrible. Hope he's OK. Your bracelets will help I'm sure. I've only been stung once when I was little, amazing but we do sometimes get jellyfish here in the cold North Sea.

sage and spirit said...

I sure hope the little guy will be ok. He will be so glad to have the bracelets and the memories of his time with you!