Plans for this week...

We move on Sunday to our new condo for

one month.

We always find it is good to rent something for a month,

then look around and see what else is in the area

in case you want a change or we want to stay longer.

The new Amari Residences meets that need for us.

We will be able to use all the hotel facilities,

including the amazing

"Shoreline Beach Club"

their restaurants, pools and spa.

The residences have their own large

private pool as well.

On Tuesday, we are out to a sandy beach restaurant with our

new Aussie friends and their two young boys.

We looked after the boys the other night so their parents could have a couple hours out.

On Wednesday we are heading up to Kanchanaburi overnight

with your Peachland friends,

Sharon and Graham

to see the River Kwai.

Oh, how we are looking forward to that, as we saw where the movie was

filmed while we were in Sri Lanka.

If you get a chance, watch the

"Railway Man"

with Colin Firth & Nicole Kidman.

They filmed the movie in and near Kanchanaburi where we are heading to.

Then we have been invited by a lovely couple of English ladies we

met to have lunch with them at Black Mountain Golf Course.

We are happy to go back and enjoy the scenery

as well as another wonderful lunch.

How very lucky we are to have met just some of the nicest

people to share our amazing fabulous time here in

Hua Hin, Thailand.

Shoreline Beach Club
View from the Amari hotel,
our condo unit is in the building at the far left, closest to the ocean.

Residence pool.

River Kwai bridge.



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