Tempeture drop...

It got really windy and quite cool yesterday.

It was 33 Celsius, then it dropped to 18 Celsius.

The Thai people think it is cold at 33, as it is their winter.

They walk around in sweaters and long pants,

we are hot in a bathing suit.

Making the most of a cool day, we explored a different part

of Takiab/Hua Hin.

We found a wonderful bakery not very far from here that served

up delicious pastries as well as good coffee.

By mid week we should be back

into sunny & warm weather.




Pamela Gordon said...

Funny their perspective of cold eh? Eighteen is a nice spring day here. Enjoy.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello dear Dagmar

That sky is totally magical - a great photo D.

Yes, normally 18 degrees is a normal warm day here - however this Summer we are sweltering in late 30's and 100% humidity - just too hot for me!
Love those flowers and the coffee and pastry looks very tempting to me too.

Shane x

Wayne W said...

Just getting caught up on the blog. Great pictures. You are both obviously enjoying the Thailand experience. It sounds like the jelly fish in the area are not very friendly. I guess that takes away from the swimming in the ocean which is a shame considering it would be nice to get into the ocean water rather then a pool. Take care.

Christa said...

Had to chuckle ... as we find 18 degrees a very comfortable temperature, 33 degrees verge on too hot here. It's amazing the difference in what our body temperatures get used to depending on where we live. xoxo