The market at Baan Dan Sing Kohn....

This village is on the Thai/Myanmar border about 2 hours south from Hua Hin.

The market is there for trade between the Thai and Myanmar

people, they can cross the border, but it's not

open for tourists (yet).

Sharon and Graham picked us up from the bus at Pranburi

and drove us on the 1 and 1/2 drive.

What great friends they have become.

The scenery really changed once we got off

main road, it became mostly farmland.

I just fell in love with all the orchids,

Booths and booths filled with these amazing orchids,

sadly we can not bring any home.

Just imagine, 3 potted plants for

100 THBT = $4.00 CDN.

Here are just a few of these beauties, some smelled

so incredible, like baby powder.



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Log Cabin Studio said...

They are so beautiful.

Christa said...

My favourite flowers are the purple ones ... all of them are so vibrant. It would be nice if you could bring a few home ... snow is starting to melt here so maybe we will see some different colours soon. xoxo