We continue to try new restaurants, street vendors

and little hole in the wall kind of eateries.

It's amazing the good food they serve and how little it costs to eat out.

We popped into this little place,

4 generations of Thai cooks where there.

We have a bowl of spaghetti as well as a wonderful pork chop dish.

First time we have had any western food,

especially good served from a little Thai diner.

Including a bottle of water,

it was 125 THBT = $5.00 total.

What a great little surprise that was.




Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

That's way too cheap - how can she possibly make a profit?
It looks delicious.
I love the restaurant decor - bright and beautiful.
Shane x

Christa said...

All the food looks delicious. I'm sure you enjoyed a dish of food you are familiar with. The restaurant looks so cute and very clean. Great pictures Dagmar !!! xoxo