The Fountain...

We wanted a fountain for our courtyard.

I spent some time looking at what was available locally and couldn't

find anything that would suit the site.

Jim and I looked over some designs and decided to build our own.

It took about two weeks to build. Jim did all the building.

We shared the task of putting the stacked rocks on the wall.

I am thrilled with how it turned out.

We need just to make a few plant adjustments

as well as try to find something to put above the top.

The sounds is makes is beautiful.

I will make a place where the birds can have a drink

and have a bath.

From inside of the house.



Log Cabin Studio said...

Great looks beautiful

Una said...

Lovely warm colours that match your walls.

Christa said...

Amazing ... It is beautiful ... you two are a great team ... !!! I would enjoy sitting out there listening to the water falling into the pool below. I'm sure the birds are grateful as well ... !!! xoxo