Back at home...

As much as I love being away from home for

a holiday or joyful

Claire duties,

I do love being back home.

All of the flowers grew so much in the week we were gone.

I was overjoyed that I was still able to enjoy my peonies.

I styled my thrifted finds and I must say I am so

pleased with my

"New Pyrex"

issued to celebrate Pyrex's 100 anniversary!



Una said...

Some gorgeous Pyrex finds. I rarely find anything like these in my charity shops.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Lovely! Have a wonderful Wednesday! :)

prairiegirl said...

Going away is good for the soul, but returning home is always so satisfying! You walk in the door and all of a sudden, ahhhh....
Your time with Claire brings joy for you. You can see it on your face. She's a curly headed darling! Energetic and artsy and everything!
Lovely times. :)

Log Cabin Studio said...

Lovely staging of the pyrex...getting ready for Nelson .
It looks great !!!

Christa said...

Love the new Pyrex ... you have such an eye for putting things together for a photo shoot. xoxo