It was a long night and morning.

When the phone rings late at night or early in the morning,

it usually isn't good news.

It wasn't.

My great nephew, Issac who is 2, went missing last night on a walk with his Mom.

He was less than 50 feet behind her where almost my entire family

was camping.

She turned around and he was gone, this was at 7:00 pm.

They searched, the RCMP came, Search and Rescue came, they brought in

the canine unit.

It dropped to -2 overnight.

The frantic phones calls, the tears, the heartache for him,

his parents, my family.

Unbelievably, this is what they think happened, he got distracted, turned a corner,

took a path that headed into a gulley where

he could not hear them calling for him.

16 hours later, he was rescued, safely after spending the entire night alone.

He had walked 3 km and gained about 800 feet in altitude

over the time he was missing.

He hurried to try and find them,

He got lost.

He told his mom and Dad, he slept on the grass.

Can you imagine the story he will tell when he gets older.

Our sweet little boy is back with his sister and parents!

Thank you to all who sent love and prayers for his safe return.

Global BC TV news here



Lorrie said...

Oh my. What a terrifying time for the parents and the little boy. I'm so very thankful that he's safely with his parents again.

Kasper Naef said...

Dagmar, we are so glad for the happy outcome. We instantly thought of you and your family when we heard the news last night.
All the best, Daniela and Kasper Naef, Creston, BC

Una said...

My heart was in my mouth as I read this. The chances of a happy ending after 16 hours must have been slim. But the lucky boy beat all the odds. He must be very strong.

Cathy said...

Thank goodness he was found - and safe! I'll admit that my heart dropped as I read this. I am so glad that this dear little boy is back in the loving arms of his family.

Barb Brookbank said...

Those hours had to have been unbelievably terrifying and painful for the family ... but the outcome! oh my ... So so happy for him, his family, and you! xo

Christa said...

My heart was filled with joy when I received the news about Isaac being found ... I cannot imagine what Matt and Shelly were going thru. It must have been horrific. Sending them all love & light ... xoxo

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh my! I can't even imagine. I know the fear I felt when my boys were little and they would hide from me in department stores. Thinking they were lost, I would begin to panic. But being in the woods is a whole other feeling of fear altogether. Thank God he was found and is okay. Bless him!