One week today...

Finishing most of the packing,

My list is getting shorter and shorter each day.

Some of my time is being taken

up by cleaning out the garden pots, some still blooming so beautifully.

Taking time to get some of my

knitting and crochet supplies to take along.

Knitting a row or two when I have a few spare moments.

It's all very good and exciting.

7 more sleeps before we fly out.




prairiegirl said...

Just taking a moment on this blustery grey day to pop in on you!
It seems you are getting ready for your Thailand trip!! How terribly exciting is THAT!
Will you visit the Golden Buddha? A temple?
I can smell and taste the lovely food!
Backing up, Claire is growing into a beautiful and vibrant as ever young girl, isn't she.
Love her glasses!
Have a fantastic time on holiday and take lots of pictures!

Pamela Gordon said...

I always enjoy your styling images Dagmar. Beautiful! Are you going to Thailand for the winter or just a brief vacation?

sage and spirit said...

Sounds like a great adventure is coming for you! Safe travels!