More alleyways and lanes to discover...

The sign for the Nong Kae Railway Station beckoned.

Another place to explore.

Even early in the day it gets quite warm and humid

29 - 31 have been the mid day temps.

There was lots to see down these lanes.

Not all of them clean, but we did see evidence of local

Thai people doing some

renovations and clean up.

I think plastic and garbage is an endless problem

for most developing countries.

But as we find in our walks,

there are glimpses of beauty everywhere.



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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Plastic and garbage is becoming a bigger problem worldwide from what I've seen of all my trips lately. Even in the US, there's garbage everywhere again. I don't think government is doing their part. And big corporations continue to create products with so much disposable waste. It's alarming! There's so much beauty to be seen, but too many are slipping back into old ways and not doing their part to keep their environment clean.