Another week....

Sometimes it's hard to keep track of time.

Our days drift one into another.

We meet new people from around the world, we have made new friends with a couple

who just live 20 minutes from us in West Kelowna.

We have friends from Kelowna arriving

on Tuesday,

they are renting a condo here for a month on our recommendation.

Jim had a rough week with his flu/cold/cough.

Happy to report he is much better and regaining his energy.

The rain has stopped and we are back in the sunshine and warmth.

I have been knitting a few rows,

soon my scarf will be done.

I get new photos and talk to Claire every

week..her two front teeth

are almost falling out.

I know we are very fortunate to live this

lovely life enjoying our 4 months in Hua Hin, Thailand.


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