Please bring me a coconut..

When you have been at the same place as long as we have,

you get to know the gardeners around

the resort.

They were busy trimming the palm trees and knocking down the coconuts.

I am always thrilled when I get a gift,

especially one that is right from the tree!

The water inside is so fresh and

tastes like liquid sunshine.

It is amazing what a smile and a thank you will do for

friendships around the pool.




Sam I Am...... said...

I'm used to those brown hairy ones in the store but I imagine there are many different kinds. Beautiful scenery!

Christa said...

Mmmmm ... I love fresh coconut water too. Hoping that Ian & Kendall will have some on their tree. I think that is so wonderful and special that you are brought fresh coconuts. Who could resist your beautiful smiling face ...!!! Enjoy ... LUL xoxo