I have been crafting...

While the rain or snow is still falling,

I get busy

crafting and cooking..two of my favourite things.

I have always wanted to paint a

Paint By Number.

I got one for Cindy as well and each day we send

each other photos of our

progress on the painting.

I am still finishing off a scarf I started before leaving for Thailand,

as well as finishing a needlework pillow I have been working

on and off for several years,

Grilling up a whole bunch of vegetables to use

in soups and as a side dish.

My days are happy and full.



Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

What a warm homey post from you today Dagmar.
I always love seeing all your craft projects and it seems you have lots of interesting pieces on the go!
You will be feeling the cold after coming from Thailand.
On occasions we have had our stop-over in Thailand on our way to France.
We love the Thai people and the hotels are exceptionally good.
But I don't like their heat - too hot and steamy for me.
Thank you for popping in to say hello - it's always good to catch up!
Shane x

Pamela Gordon said...

Dagmar, I love the bunny handwork you're doing. They are so sweet! Also the paint by number is very pretty. I hope you are having a good winter and now spring is right around the corner, finally. I just hope the spring weather comes with it! Take care. Pam

Lorrie said...

Coming home from a trip always energizes me to pick up things I've left off - your bunny needlepoint is adorable! Hope the weather is improving for you; it's rainy here, but the temperatures are slowly rising.

sage and spirit said...

Those grilled veggies look amazing! Glad to hear your days are good ones.