Happy Easter weekend.

It has turned out to be quite a nice weekend.

We have seen the sun peek thru the clouds a couple times this week.

I hope wherever you are,

you are enjoying a good weekend surrounded by family and loved ones.

A few chocolates to enjoy wouldn't be a bad idea as well!



Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend. We've not seen the sun here in Kuwait for over a week now. Leaves me feeling rather blah.

sage and spirit said...

Hope your Easter was a good one! It's been a little too hot here....had to eat the chocolate before it melted!

Pamela Gordon said...

A pretty vignette! Enjoy the week.

ekare8 said...

I love this blog!

prairiegirl said...

Look at all your little nests!
It's such a gift from nature when I find one...empty anyway! Right?
Robins are waking me up now and I love that. They are rejoicing, the celebrators of life!
Happy spring things to you and yours, Dagmar. 🌻