Claire brought her parents for a visit..

Since I had to take Claire back to Vancouver

on her July solo visit to us here,

this time she brought her parents so she wouldn't be so homesick.

We had lots and lots of fun.

Jeremy and Julie celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary on

August 22 and we looked after Claire while they went out for dinner.

There wasn't any homesickness or drama.

I gave her a mannequin that Frosso had given me.

She spent hours draping her clothes, fabric and trim all over her.

It was a great hit and she took it back home with her.

She dressed her mannequin all by herself with just some fabric

when she got home.



Log Cabin Studio said...

So cute, I bet she will have a lot of fun will that.

Winifred said...

Brilliant photos, she's lovely. What a great mannequin. Lauren would love one of these. I like Claire's style!