This is our older Dalmatian, Cookie. She will be 13 on May 11, 2007. Ever since we got her at 10 weeks she has been such a good dog. I remember when she was almost 2, she was such a going concern. When my Mom was alive she used to come over to Nelson where we lived at that time, and help me plant the spring bulbs. We were so pleased with ourslves, we worked hard to plant over 100 tulips, daffodils, and narcissus. We were sitting on the deck, having a cup of tea, when what did we see, but this sweet dog, digging up all the bulbs we planted....She knew she was in trouble, but she just couldn't help herslef. My Mom just laughed, and then we went back and replanted them. Cookie finally grew out of that habit of digging, and now she can be found napping at any given time. This is the wonderful shawl that Laurie and Shane sent me while they were in Pakistan. Love this old girl.

I really miss my Mom. She and my Dad gave the 7 of us kids such a great life in Bull River where we grew up. This is to all the loving Mom's in our lives, in memory of the ones who have passed away, and for my friends that still have their Mom's, cherish them and be grateful they are still with you.

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