Lovely Ribbons and Buttons....

Some of my newest finds was this trim at an old fabric store in Apache Junction. It was a crafters delight...rolls of vintage trim and just check out these buttons. Some of the original prices are still on them, but I paid 20 cents each. What is a girl to do with all these you say? Who cares, they are lovely and Christa will appreciate some of these on her new journals that I am making.
We leave here tomorrow for Santa Barbara and Hwy 1 up the coast of California. It is always a tough day because of all the traffic, and you really need to keep focused on everything. The rain has finally stopped and better weather is ahead as we start making our way home to Westbank mid March.
Christa, drive safely on those roads back to Alberta and have a great week with your grandkids. So happy for all of you who have grandkids to hug. My turn will come.

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camport said...

Wow. Makes me giddy just looking at all that ricrac. I never use it, but it's still fun. I LOVE buttons. I bought a huge jar full of antique buttons for $2 at an atique store. I've had 'em for two years and still have about 3 baggies full of multicolored buttons.

Hoping you have a safe, fun trip hom, Chrissy