Bodega Bay.....

Bodega Bay used to be a small fishing village that has grown into a really nice waterfront little town. The average population is around 950, and it is only 25 ' in elevation. There are a few great RV parks right on the water. Situated about 23 miles west of Santa Rosa where we are staying, it is a great afternoon trip. The have a golf course there that overlooks the bay and houses through out the fairways that have spectular views.

We had lunch, then drove around the small town that is famous for the movie "The Birds" that was filmed there. The schoolhouse is now at B&B, and it is still a fishing village. The cliffs are rugged, steep and dangerous for dogs running off leash. Grey whales can been seen heading down to the Baja. But today all we saw were some hawks and vultures flying about.

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Laurie said...

Dagmar & Dad - don't know if you know, but Bodega is a Spanish word meaning store room. Just thought I would mention it for your info/interest since I know these things now.