Leaving the coast....

We left the Pacific coast, and headed to San Jose to stay with our young friends, Shauna and Dean. We have know them since we lived in Nelson, where Shauna was Jim's asssistant at RBC Dominon Securties. We had two wonderful nights there with them, parked our 5th wheel outside their home in their trendy neighbourhood, and no one asked us to leave. This morning we headed north thru tough traffic, wall to wall, stop and go nearly all the way from San Jose to Oakland. We crossed over the Richmond toll bridge, and came out by San Quentin. We continued north on 101 and were are staying here in Santa Rosa for a couple of days. Tomorrow we will head west over to the coast again, to Bodega Bay, for lunch on the ocean. Our plans are staying fairly flexible, depending on the weather. We are heading home, but not sure what day we will arrive there yet. Probably around the 16-18 of March.

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camport said...

Is San Jose somewhere you'd be comfortable staying for a few months?

We're thinking of pursuing a contract there, but the thought if big towns in Cali makes me nervous.
We've never been anywhere in California, and don't know anybody there either.

I've been telling my husband the names of towns in your pictures that look nice. :) Your blog is like a personal tour guide!

Happy travels, Chrissy