Great Basin Highway..Las Vegas to Twin Falls...

Butte Valley Mtns

Jim driving in the Jeep ahead of me

Cookie really tired and taking up most of the bed

Pebbles on her mat...good girl

It was a long day today, nearly 500 miles, but what beautiful scenery we went thru, and we were at a pass of 7300 feet just south of Ely. The weather has been really warm today, and we still have the air conditioner on here in our room in Twin Falls, Idaho. What a pretty town, we are going out to walk the dogs, have some dinner, take some photos, oh yes, and have a glass of wine first.

Tomorrow, we head thru Oregon, and then to the Tri Cities for our last overnight on the road.

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hippochick said...

I'm enjoying traveling north with you. The pictures are great.

Never having to BC, I'm looking forward to pictures of your summer there.