Las Vegas...Day 1

Today we left Queen Creek at 7:45 am, and with 2 vehicles, 2 dogs, & 2 drivers, we made it safely here to Las Vegas at 3:00. 377 miles, not too long day of a drive. The walkie/talkies almost made it all the way here.
The road up thru Wickenburg is my favourite seeing all those pre-historic looking Joshua Trees. There were many flowers and catci blooming..lovely.
After we got settled in with the pets into the hotel, we drove down the strip and could not believe all the people living in tent cities in such poverty and dispair. There does not seem to be anything that is being done to help really appreciate your normal life.
Tomorrow we are off for the longest of the 3 days, so it will be early to bed, early to rise, and Hit the Road, Jack

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