Our Arizona Home...

We just got these photos from our next door neighbours,
Jeff and Kathy in Queen Creek, AZ.
(thank you for this)
They were kind enough to take some photos for us to show how our plants are doing and how the garden is growing.
I tried to plant things that will bloom while we are down there in the winter. It will be interesting to see how it looks like when we go down in less than 6 weeks.
I am getting ready.


Happy Day Lady said...

Wow! Awesome! That was sure nice of your neighbors eh? Yup! Fall is in the air! Time for the Swift family to take flight soon for another Arizona adventure! Sure lookin' forward to the reviews and the pictures :O)
You all deserve every happiness xo

hippochick said...

Your house looks like it's lonely for you. Can't believe it's almost time for your southward trek.

We won't be going to Nevada until February. In the meantime, I'll enjoy fall in upstate NY.

~hippo hugs~