Travel Scrapbook....

A travel scrapbook can showcase photographs from your trip as well as printed ephemera gathered along the way, such as business cards, wine labels, cafe napkins, and sightseeing scraps. For these two albums, out-of-date travel books from the visited cities are taken apart, then reassembled into accordion books using the original covers, a few of the pages, and maps. To play up the travel theme, stamps are cut and glued to photo corners to create decorative holders for snapshots.
A guidebook's pages make natural backdrops for photographs of the locales you've visited. You can also insert a miniature album of favorite sights using your own snapshots and airmail envelopes. A pocket added to the back page gives the book another interactive element, allowing readers to remove the items tucked inside. To record the year of the trip, a numeral is stamped on each of four French stamps (stamps from the world over can be bought at stamp-collecting shops)
From Martha Stewart Crafts;
I think I will try this craft out this week, great way to keep track of where, what, when and how....keep posted as we plan to leave Oct. 15/08.
Thanks to my friend Suzie who faithfully reads my blog, and sends me such sweet comments. You are a treasure!!!


Happy Day Lady said...

Ahhhhhh! Thank you Dagmar :O) xo
Your friendship is a lovely gift that keeps on giving :O) I LOVE keeping in touch by reading your blog! What a bright spot in my day - inspiration and fun! Like this travel scrapbook! What a cool idea! and you know, only you can make it F A B U L O U S !
I'm gonna vote for you to be on the Martha Stewart show! Happy Happy Day!

candy said...

I love your travel scrapbook!!