Arrived safely last Queen Creek, AZ

Having fun with the camera.

This is"Gerty" our Navigator. Did she ever come in handy. We gave her an Aussie accent, and it gave us some good chuckles on how she pronounced some of the names. You go Gerty.

We named after my sister Caroline, whose middle name is GERTRUDE!!! and now her secret is out!!

New bridge over the canyon on the Hoover will be a while before it is finished, but what a beautiful bridge it will be when it is finished. Then you won't be driving over the dam any more, so I am glad we had a chance to do that this time.

Looking up at the deck that is completed.

Thanks Cindy for bringing down your Organic Beer when you came to Westbank last time.We are enjoying here in AZ.

If you need Beer, buy this Beer from the Nelson Brewing Company..It can be now found in your local liquor store!!!

Here at Last

It was a long 3 days worth of driving 1559 miles from Westbank, BC to Queen Creek, AZ.

All of us made it in good spirits to a high temp of 98. The house was in great shape, all cleaned, fridge on with cold beer brought in front the cooler in the car.

Here are some of the scenes along the way.
Also: Happy Birthday Shirley in Vancouver. She will soon be living aboard her boat in False Creek...she promises photos to come..We hope your day was filled with love and happiness!!

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Happy Day Lady said...

Just look at that sky!! :)
Thrilled to learn of your safe arrival Dagmar and Jim!
Love the travelogue!
May your "first" Sunday in Arizona be especially sweet!
it'll be a high of around 13 degrees here today....
(I can hear you laughing!!!)
God Bless you both and girlies!